At Café Restaurant Eindhoven, three different crafts are connected in addition to the café and restaurant. These crafts are part of the Café Restaurant Eindhoven ecosystem and will increasingly ‘blend’ with each other in the future.

One of these crafts is the coffee roasting company of COFFEELAB. A unique addition to the offer in Eindhoven.

What is a coffee roaster?

Before you can actually make coffee with coffee beans, they must first be roasted. This process is done using a coffee roaster in a coffee roaster. During the roasting process, the first unroasted and green-coloured coffee beans change into hazelnut brown beans because it is impossible to make coffee from green beans – also called raw, raw or undercooked.

Coffee roasters and roasters come in all shapes and sizes. At Café Restaurant Eindhoven, the space where the fire is used is about 12 m2. This seems very small, but we aim for maximum impact with this micro roaster. Various speciality blends will be roasted that can be tasted in the café-restaurant and sold in the bakery and deli shop.


You may know COFFEELAB from their current locations in Den Bosch, Breda, Nijmegen, Eindhoven Central Station and Strijp-S. At Coffeelab, it’s not just about a good cup of coffee, but about having a great day and getting a good feeling. Due to the excellent accessibility and presence at relevant places, COFFEELAB adds value through genuine involvement. Their current coffee blends are served in their branches and other catering locations. The well-known No School Blend (the elegant and fresh home coffee from Coffeelab) and the Old School Blend (more with a bite) will soon be joined by other blends with unique flavours.

COFFEELAB works according to the 70/30 principle, where 70% stands for the COFFEELAB identity and concept and 30% local relevance. In this way, local impact is made in every place differently.



With the ‘shop roaster’ from Typhoon, COFFEELAB will soon be roasting small batches of speciality blends, and the roasting process can also be easily demonstrated. With this roaster, COFFEELAB wants to impact the city of Eindhoven and its inhabitants, but also on the climate and the origin of the coffee.

This is achieved, among other things, because the coffee is purchased entirely transparently, and hot air is used during the roasting process. In addition, they want to deliver the local coffee orders by electric bicycle and take the coffee grounds back. The roastery is part of the internal ecosystem within Café Restaurant Eindhoven, together with the bakery and brewery, whereby residual flows will be processed as much as possible.

Do you want to work/lend a hand at the coffee roaster? Let us know at