Will you be one of the 100 owners of Café Restaurant Eindhoven?

Everyone who feels a kinship with Café Restaurant Eindhoven can invest in one of the 100 membership certificates issued. In this way, you will become, for a small part, an owner of Café Restaurant Eindhoven. Each certificate has a value of €5000. The future value of the certificates will be linked to the current beer price.


  1. Each certificate is intended for a different, unique owner. In the interest of full disclosure, some of the certificate holders are suppliers of this project.
  2. The certificate may not be sold during the first three years of ownership after this period, however, it may be offered to the board. however, it may be offered to the board.
  3. The certificate holders have no say in the operation of the hospitality company.
  4. Café Restaurant Eindhoven will organize at least one certificate holders meeting per year.
  5. Two types of certificates are issued – blue and green – with the green certificate donating part of the dividend to the Café Restaurant Eindhoven foundation.

As a certificate holder, you can expect the following:

  1. Dividend payment
  2. Consumption on account
  3. Invitations for various activities

Interest Form
Through this form you can, without obligation, express your interest in obtaining one of these highly coveted certificates.

Green certificate holders, together, determine which local social initiative will be invested in.

Be aware: You to invest outside the AFM’s supervision. No license and prospectus requirement for this activity.

Interesse certificaat