At Café Restaurant Eindhoven, three different crafts are connected in addition to the café and restaurant. These crafts are part of the Café Restaurant Eindhoven ecosystem and will increasingly ‘blend’ with each other in the future.

One of these crafts is the bakery of Bakker Meelmuts. After years back in the centre of Eindhoven.

Who and what is Meelmuts bakery?

Bakker Meelmuts is a family business brimming with knowledge and a long history. No fewer than five generations of bakers have moulded their passion into Meelmuts. With love and passion for the bakery profession and the baking process in particular. Honest bread without bells and whistles. Pure flavours without unnecessary additives, baked with heart and soul. And you taste that.

Bakker Meelmuts has been run since 2010 by Harrie, Anne and Wim Jr. Van Gerwen. They took over the business from their parents, Wim and Elly.

The assortment

The bakery has a rich assortment of bread, from classic milky white to the usual light brown wheat. We also sell various wholemeal bread with coarse and finely ground grain. Some loaves of bread are baked with yeast, others with sourdough. The sourdough bread has a rising time of 24 hours and are therefore excellent and firm and have a good taste.

In addition to bread, we also sell sandwiches, (spelt) croissants, vegan cinnamon rolls and the famous muesli buns. You can also visit the bakery for something sweet. Our current favourite is the allemanskoek with spelt flour as a base, honey-nut cookies.

For people with a wheat intolerance, a number of spelt items:

  • various yeast bread as well as sourdough bread;
  • spelt croissants and spelt bread;
  • spelt eggs;
  • spelt sausage rolls;
  • various cookies and crackers

The range can change, so feel free to come and look or call for more information.

Do you want to work/lend a hand in the bakery? Let us know at