Café Restaurant Eindhoven returns the Lichttoren to its cultural and historic place

Café Restaurant Eindhoven; an iconic location for the people of Eindhoven, by the people of Eindhoven. A meeting place for the city, where all can feel welcome and connections are made. We serve tasty dishes that are traditional and recognizable while also cosmopolitan and innovative. We believe that food connects and brings people closer together and we attach great value to sharing knowledge, experiences, and stories. We are a learning experience company. We are a learning experience company.

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Opening times

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 11.00h until 17.00h
Thursday: 11.00h until 17.00h
Friday: 11.00h until 17.00h
Saturday: 11.00h until 17.00h
Sunday: 11.00h until 17.00h

Book your table via; or call 040 217 1890.

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Bakery, roastery, brewery

Café Restaurant Eindhoven consists of a comfortable café and restaurant seating area surrounded by an active brewery, roastery, and bakery.

These three companies are locally rooted, embody craftsmanship and the highest levels of quality. Each works together with the our core restaurant to create a uniquely balanced ecosystem, where products strengthen each other through innovative combination. The constant activity of these independent concepts creates an industrious atmosphere and generates a unique dynamic. As our guest, you are welcome to have a taste and (if desired) learn about the processes taking place inside our walls.

From 7:00 in the morning, bread is baked, coffee beans are ground, and beer is brewing. The bakery is open from 7:00 for take-away orders. At 10:00, you are welcome to join us in the café, and at 15:00, the brewery’s tasting room is open. You can almost smell the freshly baked bread, croissants, and roasted coffee beans, can’t you?


Café Restaurant Eindhoven is all about making connections and collaboration. That’s why, part of the financing of our acquisition, will come from issuing of membership certificates. Anyone who feels a kinship with Café Restaurant Eindhoven is free to invest in one of the 100 certificates made available, and each certificate has a value of €5000. Two types of certificates will be issued – blue and green. The blue certificate pays out an annual dividend, while the green certificate, uses part of dividend to donate to the Café Restaurant Eindhoven Foundation. Green certificate holders, together, determine which local social initiative will be invested in.

In this way, you will become, for a small part, an owner of Café Restaurant Eindhoven. You can learn more and express your interest in these certificates here.

Working at Café Restaurant Eindhoven

The energy of new talent is vital to the success of our plans and ideas. Do you want to be part of the team that will make this meeting place a reality? We are looking for dishwashers, barkeepers, cooks, and waiters.

Check out our vacancy page to find out what job suits you best or reach out to in case you have any questions.